English positions trade and economy

Trading and economic rights are almost the same as the individual rights. Just like any man has the right to be free and vote, they also have the right to trade and own property. In case that the government tries to deny these right, that can be considered as the violation of the rights and denying the freedom of citizens. The government role here is to protect the voluntary trade in any way by providing a legal framework, adjudicate disputes, enforce contracts and protect property rights.

Canadian Libertarians Association strongly believes that each individual must be allowed to exchange both services and goods with any group or a person, free from coercion. The government efforts to manage or control the trade are out of place completely. The same goes for the economy. If the government interferes too much, they threaten to endanger the material prosperity and the personal freedom of every citizen in the country.

With this in mind, our association follows a reform that should take place immediately. It refers to all sorts of economic agreements, reducing the government expenses and taxes, the removal of any impediments made by the government to all forms of free trade and the repeal of the government control or interest rates, profits, rents, prices and wages.

Any individual should be entitled to manage their own property and keep the product of their labor. Any activity made by the government, which consists of the collection of goods or money by force from citizens, is a direct violation of individual rights and therefore should be sanctioned.

The government should participate in these processes but their role should be strictly intermediatory, meaning that they should make sure that everything goes as planned and that the law is abided. Any actions aside from this, are considered harmful to the rights of the citizens. No one has the right to limit the freedom, given to the citizens on the day when they became the citizens. Our association is making the efforts to see these rights and freedoms being honored at all times and terms.